Humanitarian and Migrant Settlement Services

Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP) in regional South Australia, partnering with AMES Australia

  • Specialised and Intensive Services (SIS), with AMES Australia

Settlement Engagement and Transition Support (SETS),

  • SETS Client Services
  • SETS Community Capacity Building
  • SETS Domestic and Family Violence

Community Support Program (CSP), Approved Proposing Organisation (APO) sponsoring, reuniting and settling refugees from overseas. Express your interest here

Other services:

  • Services to temporary migrants, whether on work, student or other visas
  • Regional Development and Support Services to Skilled Migrants in regional South Australia
  • Settlement and Support Services to new migrants and asylum seekers ineligible for Commonwealth Assistance

The above services are funded by the Department of Home Affairs and the Department of the Premier and Cabinet South Australia.

The AMRC also acknowledges philanthropic donations and broad volunteer effort in delivering these services.

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