The AMRC provides input into service improvement and development through presentations to diverse networks at key national, state and local forums. Our presentations to forums focus on the needs and resources of the humanitarian program, the settlement outcomes and challenges encountered by the latest cohort of new arrivals, language requirements of current cohorts, collaboration on future events and activities, services and initiatives available to support refugees and asylum seekers to prevent and respond to possible domestic violence, and the needs and challenges for youth from new and establishing communities.

Partnership Forums 2016-2018

SCoA Triennial and International Conference – Settlement and Citizenship in Civil Society
The AMRC was privileged to be invited to direct this conference, held in Melbourne in May 2016 and attended by nearly 600 delegates. Delegates made a number of recommendations to inform the priorities of both SCoA and governments.

Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) and AMRC – ‘Stronger Families Forum’ July 2016
This forum brought together about 60 key community representatives and service providers to better understand the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children. Myriad Consultants International and SAPOL presented to the open forum, one of a number of training workshops we are conducting to ensure the participation of men, women and young people in driving their own empowerment and assisting their communities to combat family violence.

Department of Employment and AMRC – ‘Navigating Employment Pathways Forum’ September 2016

The Northern Adelaide Local Health Network, Migrant Health Service, SA Health and AMRC – ‘Embracing Health and Diversity Migrant and Refugee Health Forum’ March 2017

Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) and AMRC – ‘The Role of the DECD in Effective Humanitarian Settlement’ April 2017

Middle Eastern Communities Council of SA (MECCSA) and AMRC – ‘In Our Own Voices Forum’ June 2017

Settlement Council of Australia (SCoA) and AMRC – ‘Employment Innovation Forum’ August 2017

AMRC Information, Linkages and Capacity (ILC) Roundtable November 2017
Community and ethnic leaders, people with a disability and carers, and services participated in this ILC Roundtable to identify issues and gaps, and pathways to participation in the NDIS.

Middle Eastern Communities Council of SA, African Communities Council of SA (ACCSA) and AMRC – ‘International Women’s Day Forum’ and ‘Launch of the Council of Migrant and Refugee Women of SA (CMRW)’ March 2018

Multicultural Youth Link SA (MYLinkSA) and AMRC – ‘Youth Roundtable’ March 2018
Young people participated in this roundtable facilitated by Andrew Cummings, Youth Trainer, to address and explore topics impacting young people of migrant and refugee background including education, family relationships, and employment and training opportunities.

Council of Migrant and Refugee Women of SA (CMRW) – ‘Matters That Concern Us’ Roundtable June 2018

Multicultural Youth Link SA (MYLinkSA) and AMRC – ‘Telling My Story’ June 2018
Young people of refugee background shared their challenges and successes in settling in Australia.

AMRC and Commissioner for Children and Young People SA – Youth Symposium: Leading for our Future October 2018
Young people of migrant and refugee background were provided with a forum to share their experiences of accessing and sourcing employment, as well as identifying solutions for improving this process to achieve their future training and employment aspirations.

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