Youth Empowerment and Leadership Program

AMRC works with young participants aged 15-25 years to engage them in an array of activities supporting their settlement, skills and leadership development in their own communities and the South Australian community by equipping them to mentor other newly arrived young people. As part of the program, young people participate in youth training to engage in a range of activities. These include:

  • Water safety education delivered in partnership with different surf life saving clubs on staying safe during the summer months and enhancing their confidence about being in the water.
  • Road safety and transport training in the Adelaide central business district (CBD) to learn about road rules and their obligations as road users.
  • Bus excursions to destinations such as Camp Coorong to gain a stronger understanding of Aboriginal cultures.
  • Presentations at schools throughout the year and during SA Refugee Week to share their personal journeys and achievements, and promote their community’s stories to the broader South Australian community.
  • SA Youth Parliament coordinated by the YMCA  to further build and refine skills in public speaking and research, parliamentary debate and protocol, preparing and writing proposed bills on issues of interest to youth, and developing networks with other project members.
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