Research Partnerships and Reports

Through our research collaborations and partnerships with the following organisations, the AMRC raises awareness of the settlement experiences and issues that affect refugees and migrant groups.

Partner to the University of South Australia on the following projects:

  • Rebuilding Life after Migration: Settlement Experiences of Refugee and Migrant Youth
  • Improving intercultural relations in Australia with the Sansom Institute for Health Research.
  • Partner to the School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy; Centre for Workplace Excellence – UniSA; Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research, The University of Adelaide; and Multicultural Youth South Australia on Pathways to Active Citizenship Research Report 2019.

Reference Group member of the Housing and Health Research conducted in collaboration with Shelter SA.

Partner to the University of Adelaide’s Hugo Centre on the following projects:

With the Adelaide University’s School of Public Health Bushfire and Heatwave Information Resource for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities through the Emergency Management project funded by the Attorney General’s Department of the Australian Government under the National Emergency Management Projects (NEMP) funding.

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