Research Partnerships and Reports

Through our research collaborations and partnerships, AMRC raises awareness of the settlement experiences and issues that affect refugee and migrant groups.


Australian Human Rights CommissionNational Anti-Racism Framework Scoping Report (2022). The report identifies key considerations for the principles that should underpin a framework, three cross-cutting themes consistently raised by participants, and three sector-specific priority areas.

Commissioner for Children and Young People South Australia  – 2022 Child Rights Progress Reports. The reports cover seven areas of concern: child health, child justice, child protection, education, physical punishment, disability, and the environment.


Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education – New joint study to explore the achievements of refugee settlement across Australian major cities. A place-based look at humanitarian settlement in Australia, initiated by the Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education. This study will undertake the first in-depth look at refugee settlement through the lens of Australia’s major settlement cities – Hume, Casey and Greater Dandenong in Melbourne; Fairfield and Liverpool in Sydney’s South West; Salisbury in Northern Adelaide; and Logan City in Brisbane. AMRC is one of the SA partners of Edmund Rice, who has contributed by coordinating focus groups and individual interviews. The study aims to reveal the challenges each city has faced when accommodating large numbers of new arrivals, and the key lessons these places can teach policy makers and politicians in how to tackle refugee settlement into the future.

University of South Australia et al – Rebuilding Life after Migration: Settlement Experiences of Refugee and Migrant Youth, Australian Research Council. This project is conducting an in-depth investigation of the diverse contextual factors impacting the settlement experiences of young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, and the role of support services. The study will provide the settlement service providers with crucial knowledge on how to foster the wellbeing of these young people. Conducted across three countries – Australia, Canada, and USA -and involving 1,200 surveys and 54 focus groups, this will be one of the most comprehensive studies of refugee and migrant youth settlement ever undertaken.

University of Adelaide’s Hugo Centre – An evaluation of the Australian Migrant Resource Centre Women’s Employment into Action program. This project developed and tested a program to support migrant and refugee women to complete vocational training and find work and/or pathways to employment, with a view to decreasing their reliance on welfare. The innovative and intensive efforts to support the women involved in this program have had innumerable benefits for them, their families, and communities. Moreover, success for these women is multi-layered, particularly (but not only) for those who gain employment. Work gives women greater opportunity to integrate into Australian society; women in employment achieve greater financial independence; and meaningful work gives women a sense of self-worth as productive members


University of Adelaide’s School of Public Health, ‘Bushfire and Heatwave Information Resource for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities’ (2020), under the National Emergency Management Projects (NEMP) funding, Attorney General’s Department of the Australian Government

University of Adelaide’s Hugo Centre, ‘Limestone Coast Migration Project: Workforce Attraction and Retention Strategy Report’ (2020), Primary Industry and Regions SA, Regional Australia Institute

University of Adelaide’s Hugo Centre ‘Maximising AMEP and English Language Learning Consultation Report’ (2020), Settlement Council of Australia (SCoA)

University of Adelaide’s Hugo Centre, ‘The Impact of Coronavirus on Settlement Services Consultation Report’ (2020), Settlement Council of Australia (SCoA)

University of Adelaide’s Hugo Centre, ‘The Impact of Coronavirus on Workforce Retention and Business Continuity for Settlement Services Consultation Report’ (2020), Settlement Council of Australia (SCoA)


Partner to Ambrose Business Solutions, ‘DriveAbout Report’ (2019)

University of South Australia, University of Adelaide’s Hugo Centre and Multicultural Youth South Australia, ‘Pathways to Active Citizenship Research Report’ (2019)

University of Adelaide’s Hugo Centre, ‘Living and Working in Regional South Australia: a case study of three towns’ (2019)

University of Adelaide’s Hugo Centre and Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula, ‘Living and Working in Whyalla Expo Report’ (2019)


Department for Industry and Skills, Northern Futures, Disability Workforce Hub and Myriad International Consulting Services, ‘Culturally Responsive Services: A Resource for NDIS Service Providers’ (2018)

University of Adelaide’s Hugo Centre and the Rural City of Murray Bridge, ‘Murray Bridge: A blueprint for good migrant settlement (2018), Scanlon Foundation

University of South Australia, ‘Rural and Regional Mobilities: Exploring the Impact of (Im)mobilities on Rural and Regional Communities Report’ (2018), Hawke EU Centre


Myriad International Consulting Services, ‘Working with New and Emerging Communities to Prevent Family and Domestic Violence – Good Practice Resource’ (2017)

University of Adelaide’s Hugo Centre, Chin Community of South Australia and Karen and Karenni communities of Mount Gambier, ‘A study of Burmese 10 year settlement in South Australia’ (2017)

University of Adelaide’s Hugo Centre and Multicultural Youth of South Australia, ‘Pathways to Active Citizenship’ (2017)

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