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Hairdressing Jobs in Adelaide Salons
Three hairdressers arriving from Syria less than a year ago are making heads turn in the Adelaide hairdressing scene. The Australian Migrant Resource Centre (AMRC) has linked them to hairdresser work ready training and work experience in Adelaide hairdressing salons. The Clipjoint training salon has been working diligently to link the trainees to their first opportunity. “We are assisting more people from Syria to obtain jobs through the Clipjoint Adult Apprenticeships scheme.” The apprentices are currently upskilling themselves to obtain their Adult Apprenticeship placements.

Asking employers for work and letting them know what you can do involves valuable cultural learning. AMRC Employment Services encourage recently arrived clients with skills and experience to talk to others about their goals. “I want a job in crash repairs,” said Hosep Kakajian a few weeks after his arrival in 2016. Now he’s working in a local crash repair company. He found employers in his local area and went to visit all of them until he met his new boss.

City of Unley Council and AMRC Work Experience Partnership
A graduate from Adelaide University is the first to commence work experience placement for 10 weeks at the Unley City Council.  She will be working in the community development and programs area, and hopes that this will assist her career development and future opportunities. The AMRC and the City of Unley are offering work experience on a volunteer basis to clients aged 18 to 30-years-old and/or who are currently unemployed and seeking career guidance. The program offers work experience in different areas including Human Resources, Library and Museum, Depot Admin, Information Technology, Community Centres and Swimming Centre, Customer Service and Events, Community Engagement and Records. While on placement, there will be an opportunity to apply for casual work with the council.

Friendly Nations Initiative
Thirty four recently arrived job seekers will get their first job in South Australia. They will be cleaners and orderlies at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital. This is as part of the partnership the AMRC has with the ‘Friendly Nations’ project Spotless. The Friendly Nations Initiative aims to enhance employment, training, mentoring, internship and work experience opportunities for humanitarian entrants, and recognises that creating employment pathways is pivotal to the resettlement process of new arrivals. The thirty four recruits were identified by MRC Works and are of Bhutanese, Ethiopian, Afghan, Congolese, Liberian and Burmese background.

Training workshops for cleaning and orderly jobs at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Recognition of Learning
Several clients coming to the MRC Works Employment Hub have been linked to Recognition of Prior Learning at TAFE SA. Clients with Trades qualifications and Level 2 English and above are able to apply for a skills test in their trade and work on getting the Australian trade qualification. One of the Employment Hub clients reported that: “We don’t know how this system works and when we find out you need qualifications in Australia, we feel very lost. Now, there is hope that we can use our skill and knowledge. It might take me a year or two, but I can do this because I love being a fitter and turner.” One client came asking, “I want a job in crash repairs.” A few weeks after his arrival in 2016, he is working at his local crash repair company, after visiting a number of crash repairs in his local area.”

Tony Al-Bechara of Syrian background, who was employed as a workshop manager at Audi Volkswagen in the Middle East, was able to enhance his verbal and customer service skills through the inhouse work experience program at the AMRC, and received support in reconstructing his résumé to cater for Australian workplaces.  Mr Al-Bechara expressed that: “The AMRC provided me with real work experience and I couldn’t have asked for a better job experience.” Since completing his placement, Tony has secured a full-time position at Volkswagen in Victoria.

Recently, overseas trained hairdressers from Syria were successful in obtaining an Adult Apprenticeship and in 12 months, they will receive the Australian trade qualification.

Thomas Foods International
Fourteen recently arrived job seekers have been employed as food process workers at Thomas Foods International. The AMRC has been working with Thomas Foods to link people to jobs and to assist with settlement in Murray Bridge. The new workers are from Afghan, Burmese and Syrian backgrounds, and are finding life in Murray Bridge welcoming.

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