2 February 2018
Water Safety Education for Young People

As part of its Youth Empowerment and Leadership Program, the AMRC in partnership with various surf life saving clubs deliver water safety sessions targeted towards 15-25 year olds from new and emerging communities.

The sessions aim to empower young people to enhance their confidence skills about being in the water and educate them on staying safe at the beach during the summer months. Young people gain knowledge about essential swimming skills including swimming between the flags, the importance of being sun smart and appropriate action to take in case of an emergency. These sessions help in reducing drowning figures of new arrival refugees and migrants on South Australian beaches.

Thus far, the AMRC and Northern Area Migrant Resource Centre (NAMRC) have organised two water safety sessions with young people of Syrian, Afghan, Burmese, Bhutanese, Malaysian and Iranian background. These sessions also equip young people with orientation skills on how to access beaches using public transport, and also encourage and support them to explore and purse pathways in becoming a swimming instructor and member of a surf life saving club.

Recently, AMRC Youth Leader Arash Rezaei graduated as a swimming instructor and became a member of the West Beach Surf Life Saving Club. He has worked collaboratively with the AMRC to deliver these sessions to young people. To read Arash’s article published in The Advertiser, visit the AMRC News.

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