24 August 2017
The Ghan Initiative
Photo: Mr Cena Ali Zada

Mr Cena Ali Zada has over 10 years of experience working in different roles as a director, a cameraman and a producer in Afghanistan. His passion involves creating movies, dramas and documentaries tailored for television and even theatre. But when war erupted, Mr Ali Zada had to relinquish his passion to pursue another role as a Cultural Advisor to the American, Canadian and Australian Defence force for over four years. In 2016, he obtained a humanitarian visa to be resettled in Australia.

With a newly arrived friend from Afghanistan, the pair have decided to register a company called “Ghan” two weeks ago, intending to produce an online television station focusing on Afghan cultural programs and performances. “I will be able to make some money from the production and sell commercial spaces as well. It’s all in the beginning stages and I’m very excited,” he said. Mr Ali Zada is working in collaboration with Mr Keith Preston, the Arts Manager at the Australian Migrant Resource Centre (AMRC) to further his project and is working on sourcing some equipment to kick-start his company.

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