9 November 2017
Stories of Achieving New Australians

Recently, Meysam partnered with his friend, Aghil, to launch the cleaning and painting business AMAX Cleaning Group. “Our business is doing well, and we are trying to hire and develop new employees,” Meysam said. “No job is too big or too small, all are welcome. This business has provided us with a new focus in life,” Aghil added.

In Iran, Meysam was an interior designer running his own business. In 2016, he arrived in Australia with his family. Despite facing the language barrier and cultural difference, Meysam and his family never gave up and persisted in settling down to their best capability. To assist with their settlement process, they wanted to make new friends and this is how they encountered Aghil, an IT Specialist, who was forced to flee Iran with his wife and young child.


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