7 March 2018
Stories of Achieving New Australians

Photo: Coach Muthana with soccer team members. 

Iraqi Sports Association of SA Inc has recently formed two soccer teams comprised of 50 members from Iraqi, Syrian and Afghan background. Teaching the teams essential soccer and team work skills is Muthana Al-Boufradi, Chairman of Iraqi Sports Association of SA, who previously was a renowned soccer coach in Iraq with experience in supporting athletes to compete at the Olympics. Every Saturday, the teams assemble at Parafield Gardens to practice. In March 2016, the team comprising of young people had a major breakthrough, when they placed third on the ladder at a local competition in the Northern Division.

The soccer teams are supported by the AMRC and Senior Officer Firas Habib, who assisted the group in obtaining a grant from Office for Recreation and Sport (ORS), which allowed them to purchase the necessary sports equipment.

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