15 July 2019
Ethnic fashion event showcases stories from across the world
Picture: The Naracoorte Herald
As published in The Naracoorte Herald
Written by The Naracoorte Herald.

The Ethnic Fashions event held on Sunday June 23 as part of Refugee Week had a diverse cross section of models and audience members as women and children from Laos, Thailand, China and Afghanistan.

The event was hosted by the Limestone Coast Ladies CWA, the Migrant Resource Centre, and the Department of Human Services at Gather on Gordon, with proprietor Tanya Ham and her crew working tirelessly to assist with the event.

Caroline Menzel, the Limestone Coast Volunteer Coordinator, was also of great assistance.

The catering consisted of an afternoon supper of Asian food, and as well as fashion, the ladies shared stories of how they had come to Australia and how they maintain cultural ties to their homeland.

The emcee of the event was the Director of the Naracoorte Migrant Resource Centre, Jenny Stirling. The idea for the event came from the Lao community, some of whom have been in Naracoorte for decades.

Fashion included dresses, headwear, and accessories. Models included Dr Alice Fang, Sima Gul Muhammadi, and Farzana Rezaie.

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