21 March 2018
Artists perform on ABC Radio Adelaide

Photo: Salah Al Mansori, Zuhir Naji, Farhan Shah, Yassin Al Mansori, Keith Preston and Claudia Cream OAM.

Middle Eastern artists Salah Al Mansori, Zuhir Naji, Farhan Shah and Yassin Al Mansori with AMRC Arts Coordinator Keith Preston performed during an evening session on ABC Radio Adelaide ahead of the In Our Own Voices (IOOV) Concert this Saturday 24 March 2018 at Dunstan Playhouse – Adelaide Festival Centre. Thank you to Ms Claudia Cream OAM, who assisted in providing these artists with an opportunity to showcase their talents. To hear the full performance, visit the ‘Evenings with Peter Goers’ Program.

Tune into ABC Radio Adelaide ‘Evenings with Peter Goers’ Program on Wednesday 21 March 2018 to hear more about the IOOV Project, Exhibition, Book Launch and Concert with initiators Mr Andrew Hill AM and Mr Hussain Razaiat, and participants Ms Rania Zakhour and Mr Arash Rezaei.

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