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24 June 2020
Stories of Achievement from Families of Migrant Background
Photo: Hebang Zhang and Baojiao Wu (credit: John Scarvelis Facebook Page 2020)

Three migrant families of Chinese background living in Murray Bridge were visited by the Chair of the Murraylands Multicultural Network John Scarvelis and Murraylands MRC Settlement Officer Bao Luo. The families come from Minqing County located in the eastern Fujian Province of China and have used agriculture to keep themselves busy amid Coronavirus by growing winter vegetables. Among the families visited were Hebang Zhang and his wife Baojiao Wu, who have resided in Murray Bridge for 15 years. Hebang worked for Thomas Foods International and now works at a mushroom farm alongside 80 other people of Chinese background from Murray Bridge. The second family visited were Ruping Lin and his wife Xiaoli Fu, a young family living in Murray Bridge for 5 years. Ruping works at the Thomas Foods in Lobethal and Xiaoli holds a bachelor degree and has very good English language speaking skills. The third family visited were Jianling Huang and her husband Xin Chen, who have been living in Australia for 5 years. Xin works for Big River Pork. When asked about what they like about living in Murray Bridge, the couple expressed that it was the open space and lifestyle without pressure.

Credit: John Scarvelis Facebook Page 2020

Photo: Ruping Lin and Xiaoli Fu (credit: John Scarvelis Facebook Page 2020)

Photo: John Scarvelis and Jianling Huang (credit: John Scarvelis Facebook Page 2020)

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