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31 October 2018
Rotary Club of Bordertown’s newest member Sathu shows appreciation
Picture: Border Chronicle
As published in the Border Chronicle.
Written by Louise Horobin.

Photo: Appreciation: Rotary Club of Bordertown’s newest member Sathu Vallavanpillai greatly appreciates the work the Rotary Club is making in his hometown of Sri Lanka.

Tatiara’s Sathu Vallavanpillai has expressed great appreciation to the Rotary Club of Bordertown for its commitment in supporting disenfranchised communities in Sri Lanka.

Originally from Sri Lanka, Sathu moved to Bordertown after finding work at JBS and soon became inspired to join Rotary after learning about the ongoing work the group was doing in South Asia.

On October 13, the Rotary Club of Bordertown held an auction fundraising night, with proceeds helping facilitate extra buildings at the Glasgow Tamil School in Sri Lanka, where there is not sufficient space to accommodate students.

Sathu told the Chronicle he was greatly touched by the Rotary Club’s commitment to help in the area.

“This is where my family lives,” Sathu said. “It makes me feel really happy to see members of the local community giving there.

“There are nearly 350 students at the school and 18 teachers and there are not enough classrooms.”

Sathu said the the fundraising night was held in the home of Rotary Club members John and Karen Hunt, where almost 70 people gathered to hear about the visit of Rotary’s recent trip to Sri Lanka.

“The Rotary Club members saw for themselves the plight of the people after the war,” Sathu said. “It is evident the children there need urgent help.

“This is a great initiative of the Rotary Club to teach beyond the boundaries that humanity have built and to go overseas to care for the children.”

Sathu said it was a great act of compassion.

“They have committed to continue their humanitarian service in this area to build one humanity,” he said.

“I need to thank say a special thank you to our current president Rose Milton and previous president John, for all the initiatives and support for this service.

“I am also so grateful that they welcomed someone like me who came as a migrant from Sri Lanka, to be a member of the Rotary Club is an opportunity for me to be part of this venture and give back to my country of origin.”

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