Multicultural Community Centres

AMRC provides community space and other resources for new and established communities in its network of MRC’s in South Australia. The Middle Eastern Communities Council of SA (MECCSA) and the African Communities Council of SA (ACCSA) are resident organisations in the Adelaide Multicultural Centre building. Other users of the centre include government, not-for-profit organisations and community groups. The Adelaide Multicultural Centre is also used for community leaders forums, orientation sessions for new arrivals, volunteer training/induction sessions, first-aid training and DV-alert training.

Locating Community Space

AMRC links groups and organisations to community venues in the city and suburbs, and assists communities to use local government, church and other service agency facilities. It negotiates the hire facilities and advises on contractual requirements, insurance and funding assistance.

Administrative Support to Communities

New and establishing communities are provided with administrative assistance, such as access to a computer and photocopier, and assistance with marketing, printing or materials and preparing and acquitting funding applications.

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