Aged Care – Home Care

We provide home care services to eligible elderly people from new and establishing communities through referrals from My Aged Care, families, communities and other services.

The AMRC Home Care assists elderly people from new and emerging communities with their daily life activities. To let anyone in your home is a matter of great trust. At the AMRC, we build and uphold your trust in us. We are specialised in providing culturally competent services to diverse communities. We deliver services that are respectful of, and responsive to your religious practices and cultural and linguistic needs, with our workers speaking over 52 languages.

If you are finding it harder to do things on your own as you are getting older, then you can rely on us for assistance. We believe in having a positive impact on you and your family’s lives and helping you to live your old age in comfort and ease.

The AMRC Home Care provides you support with your non-medical personal care, home care and assists you to participate more actively in social and community activities.

We partner with you in addressing your care needs, and in assisting you to design your individualised care plan enabling you to maintain a healthy, active and independent lifestyle, while you are in the comforts of your own home.

If you or a loved one need additional care while continuing to live at home and enjoying your privacy, please contact us on (08) 8217 9500 to speak to someone in your own language. You can also send an enquiry via email to

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