Special Projects

As part of its special project work, the AMRC has introduced a number of innovations to support the positive transition of new arrivals.

Educational Welcome Backpacks Children’s Project
In partnership with the SA Department for Education and Child Development New Arrivals Program, the Educational Welcome Backpacks Children’s Project aims to support the reception of new arrivals with the participation of school teachers, students, AMRC volunteers and community volunteers.

The project provides a way for school students to better understand and welcome young primary school children from refugee background through practical learning about the needs of new arrivals, and by preparing a backpack with useful items for a primary-age child, such as a comb, water bottle, book and colour pencils. The project has been embraced positively by schools, with a great number of backpacks donated by students from Australian schools and kindergartens.

Arabic-Speaking Refugee Women’s Project
The Arabic-Speaking Refugee Women’s project has been established to address the specific needs of refugee women of Syrian and Arabic-speaking background and their children and to empower them through a range of strategies, including training bilingual volunteers, mentors and community leaders to assist the project; holding women’s information sessions; women’s engagement with other agencies; and women’s parenting and school engagement.

The project has supported women to recount their settlement experiences, challenges and successes; increased awareness and understanding of refugee trauma, mental health and the possibility of domestic violence; and engaged Syrian and Arabic-speaking communities to connect with new arrivals.

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