18 July 2017
Youth Parliament 2017
Photo: YMCA South Australia

Australian Migrant Resource Centre (AMRC) Youth Leaders presented on the Senior Drivers Bill at this year’s YMCA SA Youth Parliament. The purpose of the bill was to improve the safety of senior drivers and South Australian road users by implementing new driver licences for drivers over the age of 75, with requirements including undertaking a number of assessments to determine whether they are fit to drive and aware of the current road rules. The bill also aimed to introduce ‘S-plates’ for senior drivers to promote awareness and understanding amongst other drivers.

The Youth Parliament program supported AMRC participants to enhance their verbal, written and social skills, and learn and experience public speaking and research skills, parliamentary debate and protocol, preparing and writing proposed bills on issues/topics of interest to young people, and developing connections with other participants involved in the project, including the broader youth networks in SA.

The 2017 AMRC team comprised of eight members drawn from six diverse communities and consisted of three women and seven men including Ms Marta Chorbajian, Mr Arash Rezaei, Mr Ahmad Ibrar, Mr Ibrahim Ali, Mr Enoch Dasn, Ms Nargis Ghulam Rasool, Ms Bidhya Karki, Ms Yousra Abdalla Geberabi, Mr Ibrar Ahmad and Mr Mansoor Sultani. The team was mentored by Mr Taha Shabibi, a previous Youth Parliament participant with the AMRC.

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