5 November 2018
Young Women Achievers Leading Our Communities
Zahra, Volunteer, Michelle DeGaris Memorial Kindergarten, Naracoorte

Photo: Zahra presenting at Youth Symposium: Leading for our Future 2018

Zahra was a finalist for this year’s Vocational Student of the Year Award category in the South Australian Training Awards hosted by the Training and Skills Commission. She arrived in Naracoorte in 2015 and was awarded the Limestone Coast Training Award in 2017. She is currently studying a foundation course at the University of South Australia to pursue a Bachelor of Primary Education. She is also volunteering at Michelle DeGaris Memorial Kindergarten in Naracoorte and hopes to become registered on the Department for Education’s bilingual register. She completed her Year 12 studies at Naracoorte High School and has completed a certificate three in Early Childhood Education and Care through Limestone Coast Training centre in 2017.

“My English is not always perfect, but the children and staff at the child care service have always been willing to help me, which encouraged me to pursue my future goal of becoming a teacher to transfer skills and knowledge to others.”

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