22 October 2018
Young Women Achievers Leading Our Communities
Private Kbora Ali, Australian Defence Force

Photo: Kbora presenting at Youth Symposium: Leading for our Future 2018

At the age of nine, Kbora arrived in Australia in 2007 as a refugee. Her family spent three years in a refugee camp in Pakistan after fleeing Afghanistan due to violence against Hazaras.

Despite speaking no English when she arrived in Australia, Kbora excelled academically, receiving an ATAR of 97. During her schooling, she was active in organising and coordinating cultural events, and promoting harmony and acceptance of diverse cultures. She also played a pivotal role in the #achildlikeme initiative, raising awareness for children in detention centres across Australia. Kbora decided to join the army following her schooling, becoming the first Afghan woman to do so. After completing her 80 days of soldier training in 2016, she was welcomed into the army. In 2017, Kbora was awarded the Multicultural Youth South Australia Spirit of Resilience Award as part of Channel Nine’s Young Achiever Awards.

“Currently, I work within a company of about 150 male soldiers – I am the only female soldier. It was not easy at first, I had to work hard to be considered as one of them. Armed with the values of my family, community, school and workplaces, I persisted and was determined to reach a goal that was not common for a young Muslim woman.”

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