9 February 2018
Stories of Achieving New Australians

Photo: Khashayar Zabihian (far right at the end) with Lezizz staff, business partner and famous singer Mr Nazeri.

Kasha arrived in Australia in 2006 from Iran, joining his wife and daughter. Completing a Civil Engineering degree at university, Kasha operated his own construction firm in Iran and pursued his career passion when he decided to stay permanently in Australia after going back and forth to Iran. For over 6 years, he worked as a full-time employee in numerous construction firms, undertaking licensing courses to prepare for starting his own design and construction firm including becoming a member of the Master Builders Australia Association (MBA). His Harmonic Group (HG) firm specialises in residential and commercial, which has now been running for over 6 months. “During the weekdays I was committed to my job at the construction firm I was at and on the weekends, I was working at my own firm conducting building inspections. I decided to leave my job and focus on growing my firm,” he said.

Kasha also operates the restaurant Lezizz, specialising in Persian cuisine in North Adelaide. “A year and a half ago, my business partner and I decided to purchase the restaurant, which was located at another venue at the time. When we moved location, I spent time redesigning the restaurant,” he said. After becoming a board member on the Persian Cultural Association of South Australia in 2012, Kasha become a community representative who liaised with the Australian Migrant Resource Centre (AMRC) about assisting clients of Iranian and Afghan background, and those speaking the Farsi or Persian language. Kasha also became an active volunteer at the AMRC, who was involved in providing families with reception, accommodation, local orientation, linkages to the Persian community and mentoring young people. “I recall that when young people of Iranian background arrived via boat, I assisted them in learning the English language and local culture. A year later, the young people were assisting other new arrivals,” he said.

As part of the AMRC volunteer program, Kasha received training in governance as a community leader to further develop his confidence and leadership skills in his own Persian community and the broader South Australian community, and has represented his community at numerous multicultural events organised and coordinated by the AMRC. “The AMRC has had a share and positive impact on my achievements and made me think about how I am able to assist other people. It also made me become familiar with society and people from other multicultural backgrounds,” he said.

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