4 February 2020
Stories of Achieving New Australians
Photo: Atifa Moheba (right), Shikoba Moheba (left) and Mahbabu Zahidi (centre) with AMRC Settlement Officer Deng Manyuon

Atifa Moheba fled Afghanistan with her parents and four siblings. The family arrived in Iran as refugees and were resettled in Australia as humanitarian entrants in 2017. “I appreciate how it feels to be safe and free from fear. Young women have limited opportunities back home. When I was young, I missed out on early education. I want to get a good education,” Atifa said. She is studying a nursing degree at the University of South Australia and hopes to work in a hospital when she graduates. Atifa’s sister Shikoba Moheba aged 18 is in her first year of Pharmacy at the University of South Australia. The mother of the two daughters Mahbabu Zahidi is incredibly proud of her daughters. “I encourage them to be confident, and to pursue their tertiary education and career goals.” Mahbabu has registered for the English language classes at Northern Area MRC to learn about civic responsibilities, Australian culture and laws, and to improve her English language skills.

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