25 October 2017
Stories of Achieving New Australians
Photo: Mr Khalid Abdulkarim with family and AMRC Volunteer Program Manager Ms Michelle Dieu and Settlement Officer Ms Ferial Al Khil Khail.

Syrian family has become the first to apply for a loan from Homestart

With over 20 years of experience in the business and investment area, Mr Khalid Abdulkarim’s ambitious career was lost with the eruption of war. Fleeing from war-torn Hamas in Syria with his wife and six children, the family arrived in Australia in May 2016.

Mr Abdulkarim worked tirelessly to ensure he achieved his long-term vision of purchasing a house in Australia. “Buying a house would make me feel as though I am home,” he said. He approached Homestart to discuss and obtain a loan, with the support of the AMRC. The loan was granted and the family purchased a suitable house. “Before, I was paying more rent than I pay in repayments now,” he said.

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