12 May 2017
Settlement Council of Australia – Measuring Good Practice in Settlement Workshop

The AMRC hosted the National Settlement Services Outcomes Standards (NSSOS) Workshop, designed to address the National Standards and explore the different avenues they can be incorporated into work practices across the settlement sector. The National Standards have been established in collaboration with Government and informed by best practice approaches delivered in the work of settlement services across Australia.

The workshop covered key areas of need within the NSSOS, comprising of nine standards including Education and Training, Employment, Health and Wellbeing, Housing, Language Services, Transport, Civic Participation, Family and Social Support and Justice. Small group discussions were held to analyse case studies by identifying the issues impacting the individual in the scenario, their strengths, and others impacted by the scenario. As well, services and/or agencies that could be involved in assisting to resolve the issues identified were discussed.

The session also incorporated an individual reflection exercise focusing on the role settlement workers play in helping to achieve the outcomes described in the NSSOS Standards, the priority areas they feel they are investing most in and/or the least in and why, and establishing whether there is anything else they could do in their current role to increase and/or improve their focus on achieving these outcomes to enhance overall practice.

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