16 April 2020
Refugee Achievers
Photo: Khup Lam Tuang and Thang Sawn Lien fixing a door.

Khup Lam Tuang (aged 23) and Thang Sawn Lien (aged 21) were young when their mother passed away. They fled Myanmar and were reunited with their father in Kuala Lumpur where they sought refuge. Both brothers worked in restaurants and learned the local dialects. They were finally resettled in South Australia in late 2017 with their father. With support from the AMRC, Khup has completed the first term of his Stage 1 construction course at a training institute and Thang Sawn Lien is currently undertaking a Foundation course. Both brothers are quietly confident and independent, and are keen to become tradies. “I hope to work as a builder and build houses. Many people are looking for a house,” Khup Lam Tuang said.

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