3 January 2018
Home Care – My Aged Care

Photo: Senior Social Worker Cory Allesa delivering a My Aged Care Information Workshop at the AMRC with the African community.

The elderly and people with special care needs and their families, of refugee background in new and emerging communities, are assisted by the Australian Migrant Resource Centre’s (AMRC) services to live independently in their own homes, and actively engage and participate in community and social activities, as part of the new Home Care Program.

To better identify the needs of and engage elderly people from diverse cultures and backgrounds in recreational and social activities, the Northern Area Migrant Resource Centre (NAMRC) has commenced a Seniors Support Group every Monday and the AMRC holds regular information workshops regarding the new Home Care program with different community groups. The Seniors Support Group and information workshops are facilitated by the AMRC’s Senior Social Worker Cory Allesa, and aims to inform and educate participants about the program including how it will work collaboratively with clients to address their specific needs and develop a tailored care plan enabling them to maintain a healthy, active, balanced and independent lifestyle, through respecting their religious and cultural practices, and attending to their linguistic needs with case mangers/workers speaking an array of languages to assist them. This program also lends a helping hand to carers who spend their time looking after their loved ones.

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