31 October 2018
First Indian and Sri Lankan restaurant in Tatiara
Picture: Border Chronicle
As published in the Border Chronicle.
Written by Louise Horobin.

Photo: Hard at Work: Rani and Dickson have big dreams for their new Bordertown born business ‘DR Kebab’.

Bordertown’s Woolshed Street has welcomed brand new South Asian restaurant and grocery store ‘DR Kebab’ to the town.

The family run initiative is a first for Indian and Sri Lankan street-food and casual dining in the Tatiara district.

Owners Dickson and Rani are partners in every aspect – supporting each other’s hopes and dreams in moving to Australia, raising a family and now, starting a business.

Dickson and Rani came to Australia from Sri Lanka by boat and lived in Brisbane for three years before Dickson found work at Bordertown’s JBS meat processing facility.

Dickson said the idea to start his own business came about two years ago when he first moved to Bordertown and with the support of Rani and their three children, endeavoured to make his dream a reality.

“Little by little I bought everything I needed for the shop and slowly I had everything I needed to open the restaurant,” he said.

“The shop is different to other shops here, the food we sell here is all my own recipes and we offer food like kebabs and traditional sweets you can’t really get anywhere else in the district.

“There’s no other place to get a kebab in Bordertown – and everyone eats kebabs!”

Working from the ground up, DR Kebab has now operated for three months and has established itself as an imperative service to many members of the community.

“Lots of people from different cultures buy groceries from us too,” Dickson told the Chronicle.

“We offer imported products in bulk that are not available at the local grocery store and we’ve noticed there is a demand for these from the migrant community.”

He said there had already been lots of positive community feedback.

“People have been saying how much they like it to us and on our Facebook page too,” he said.

“We get regulars who come in every day but business always varies. Sometimes it’s busy and sometimes it’s not – it also depends on how many people are coming through the town, we also get a lot of travellers.”

Dickson and Rani are currently on a five year visa and said ‘DR Kebabs’ would contribute to their success in gaining permanent residency.

“We have two children at Bordertown Primary School and one at Bordertown High,” Dickson said.

“We’d like to stay in Bordertown, it’s a very nice place and the people are nice.

“It feels good to know we are providing something unique to the community too.”

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