13 July 2020
Bright Sparks – achieving through pathways to employment

“I wish to encourage more women from my community to become employed, independent and to contribute to the family income,” Lyly Zarchiwin Cinzah said. Lyly is of Karen background and is employed full-time as a packer at Seven Point Australian Pork in Port Wakefield. Previously, Lyly worked at Labour Solutions Australia before gaining full-time employment. Lyly and her husband Ngun Sang Cinzah were resettled in May 2015. “We were well-supported by the AMRC in obtaining casual and full-time employment after completing our TAFE SA courses.” Lyly’s husband previously worked as a government officer in Myanmar and is employed as a knife hand at Seven Point Australia.

Photo: Ngun Sang Cinzah and Lyly Zarchiwin Cinzah.

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