6 July 2020
Bright Sparks – achieving through pathways to employment
Photo: Sam Seo presenting at the Youth Symposium by the AMRC and Commissioner for Children and Young People SA in 2018.

Recently, Sam Seo was promoted as a Program Coordinator (Computing & IT) of the Higher Education Program at the Eynesbury Senior College in Adelaide. Previously, he worked as a lecturer at the college and also coordinated pathways to tertiary education for migrants and international students from India, Pacific Islands, China and Nepal. He was born in Malaysia, and studied and worked in the Solomon Islands. Despite his skillset and being multilingual in lanaguges including Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Bahasa Malaysian, he found it challenging to get a job. “Through volunteering at the AMRC, induction and training was given to understand the workplace environment. I gained an understanding of workplace ethics, expectations and cultural awareness, which helped me in my career. My experience and networking was broadened in a local workplace.” He volunteered with the AMRC for over three years as a mentor and interpreter for young people of migrant and refugee background. He has completed a PhD in Cyber Security and Forensic Computing.

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