8 May 2017
AMRC Youth Leaders visiting Auntie Ellen Trevorrow at Camp Coorong

During the school holidays, 50 young people from the AMRC, Northern Area MRC and Mount Gambier MRC embarked on a learning journey to Camp Coorong. The purpose of the experience was to reinforce positive and accurate representation of Aboriginal People, and provide young people with an enhanced understanding of the Aboriginal heritage and traditions, including its history, arts, crafts, as well as the past and present day culture of the Ngarrindjeri people.

AMRC Youth Officer, Ibrahim Nowrozi, expressed that: “For many young people, this opportunity was highly valuable because this was their first encounter with Aboriginal community members. Therefore, they were able to gain a better grasp of the profound and spiritual connection Aboriginal people share with the land, including the trees, plants, water and animals through the Dreaming stories.”

Passionate Tour Guide and Ngarrindjeri Elder Ellen Trevorrow conducted a tour of the Coorong and held a workshop to teach the essential techniques of basket weaving. AMRC Youth Coordinator, Keith Preston, added that: “The experience encompassed an array of activities, which prompted young people to further engage and learn. They were able to attempt Boomerang and Spear Throwing, visit the Museum, and learn about the environment of the Coorong through going on a nature trail with Ngarrindjeri Elders.”

Young people responded that: “It was incredibly interesting to learn about how the Australian $50 note features David Unaipon, an Aboriginal Australian of the Ngarrindjeri people, who was a great inventor and writer.”

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