In Our Own Voices Project

The Middle Eastern Communities Council of SA (MECCSA) partnered by the AMRC presents In Our Own Voices, a project across new and establishing communities from the Middle East now settled in South Australia. It is a project crossing storytelling, photography, video and performance, which has taken place throughout 2016 and 2017. It is a series of public performances, exhibitions and a book publication and tells the stories of individuals from – amongst others – the Iraqi, Afghan, Turkmen, Syrian, Kurdish, Lebanese, Egyptian, Uzbeck and Awhazi communities: their migration journey, their settlement and contribution to Australian society. It reflects upon the different generations that now comprise these groups and offers an opportunity for both younger and older members to exchange perspectives on their lives and their roles in helping to create Australia’s multiculturalism.

The In Our Own Voices Exhibition, Book Launch and Concert was launched by the Middle Eastern Communities Council of SA (MECCSA) and the AMRC at the Dunstan Playhouse – Adelaide Festival Centre on 24 March 2018. A fantastic turnout of over 600 people, who enjoyed an exhibition of photos, followed by a speculator concert of music, songs, dance, poetry, and stories from people of Afghan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanese, Kurdistan and Syrian background. To obtain a copy of the much anticipated book of stories from people of Middle Eastern background, contact the AMRC on or (08) 8217 9544 to place an order. The exhibition is available to galleries upon request.

Photo by Andrew Hill

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