Nowruz Middle Eastern New Year
The AMRC partners with the Middle Eastern Communities Council of South Australia (MECCSA) to present Nowruz, the annual Middle Eastern New Year Festival. The diverse cultures of Middle Eastern communities are highlighted through food stalls, arts and crafts, fashion displays, music, dance and martial arts performances. The festival enhances understanding of the positive cultural contributions of these communities to South Australia’s evolving multiculturalism.

Unmasked African Festival
The AMRC partners with the African Communities Council of South Australia (ACCSA) to present the annual Unmasked African Festival.  This event has been held in Victoria Square in recent years, featuring food and service stalls, crafts and a performance program from a wide range of African communities. The festival is one of Adelaide’s landmark community events, demonstrating the exceptional talents of South Australia’s African communities and their contribution to the cultural life of Adelaide.

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